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The Undertaker – Age, Birthday, Biography, Wife, Net Worth and More

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The Undertaker – Age, Birthday, Biography, Wife, Net Worth and More

Personal Details

Official Name
The Undertaker
Birth Name
Mark William Calaway
Nick Name
  • The Deadman
  • The Grim Reaper
  • The Indestructible Force
  • The Lord/Prince/Minister of Darkness
  • The Man from the Darkside
Date of Birth
Day of Birth
Place of Birth
Houston, Texas, U.S.
Mother Tongue
Languages Known
Se*ual Orientation

Religious Background

Race / Ethnicity
North American
Zodiac / Raasi
Aries / Mesha
Kuja Dosham / Manglik

Physical Details

Physical Status
Very Fair
6' 10'' - 208cm
140 KG
Chest Size
50 Inch - 127cm (5XL)
Waist Size Men
38 Inch - 97cm (2XL)
17.5 Inch - 44cm (4XL)
Shoe Size Men
11.8 Inch - 30.0cm - US(13)
Hair Color
Brown Hair
Eye Color
Hazel Brown
Personal Trainer
Don Jardine
Best or Distinctive Features
1.Long height
2.Tattos on Body
3.Scary Presence
4.Mark Calaway is Black Belt Martial artist

Family Details

Family Type
Joint Family
Family Values
Family Status
Father (Dad)
Frank Calaway
Father's Occupation
Wrestling coach
Mother (Mom)
Betty Catherine Truby
  • David Calaway
  • Michael Calaway
  • Paul Calaway
  • Timothy Calaway


Marital Status
Current Wife / Husband
Michelle McCool
Year of Wedding
First Wife / Husband
Jodi Lynn
First Wedding Date
January 04, 1989
First Divorce On
April 08, 1999
Children From 1st Wife / Husband
Second Wife / Husband
Sara Calaway
Second Wedding Date
July 21, 2000
Second Divorce On
April 10, 2007
Children From 2nd Wife / Husband
Third Wife / Husband
Michelle McCool
Third Wedding Date
June 26, 2010
Children From 3rd Wife / Husband
Total Number of Children
Gunner Vincent Calaway
  • Chasey Calaway
  • Gracie Calaway
  • Kaia Faith Calaway

Educational Details

High School
Waltrip High School
Angelina College
Bachelor's Degree
Texas Wesleyan University

Professional Details

Career Started On
April 12, 1984
Debut Movie as Lead Actor
Suburban Commando
Debut Movie in Hollywood
Suburban Commando
Debut TV Show
Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee
Coach / Mentor
Frank Calaway
Nature on Field / Playing Style
Career Statistics
Awards and Honors

Money Factor

Brand Endorsements
Net Worth
In US Dollars
17000000 US Dollars (Approximate)

Habit and Life Style

Eating Habits
Non Vegetarian
Drinking Habits
Smoking Habits
Not Known
At Wrestlemania 15, after defeating wrestler Big Boss Man inside a '... in a Cell', Undertaker took it one step further by "executing" him. Undertaker proceeded to tie a noose around Boss Man's neck, hanging the star from the roof of the Cell. Undertaker and WWE were later criticized for carrying out such storylines, which created a negative impact on children's mind.
Shawn Michaels was supposed to drop his championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin in the 1998 edition of Wrestlemania. However, Undertaker was aware of Michael's stubborn nature of not following the storyline ending and ending things his own way. Reportedly, being the 'Judge' of the WWE locker room, Undertaker once called Michaels to his locker room, he then tied Michaels' fists and ordered him to follow the exact script and ending of the said match. Michaels was intimidated and thus had to follow the orders of "The Phenom."
Undertaker has been criticized by many former wrestlers for not putting young talented guys over. Furthermore, he has also been alleged of hand-picking his Wrestlemania opponents.
In a weird storyline angle in late 90's, Undertaker was seen portraying a satanist. In one segment, 'The Dead Man' was shown sacrificing a virgin in the form of Stephanie McMahon. Sponsors and parents (of kids) were very unhappy with such a negative angle being shown on national or rather global television.
'Ignorant' WWE raged up a bigger and a more sensitive controversy again on similar grounds, as in one episode of RAW, Undertaken was shown crucifying Stone Cold Steve Austin. This crucifixion segment hurt the sentiments of many Christians around the world. Many religious groups came forward expressing their anger over the kind of topics being presented on WWE TV. The incident gathered a lot of press attention and Undertaker had to face a lot of criticism.


Favorite Movie(s)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Suburban Commando(Debut Movie)
Favorite Actor(s)
Robert De Niro
Favorite TV Shows
The Sopranos
Favorite Singer / Musician
  • AC/DC
  • Nick Cave
  • ZZ Top
Favorite Food
Favorite Sport
Favorite School Subject

Hobbies and Interests

  • Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts
Best Friends
  • Jeremy Horn
  • Matt Hughes
  • Pat Miletich
  • Tony Longo
Bike Collection
Custom Choppers

Personal Blog and Fan Websites

Official Website

Contact Information ( Only Registered members can access this information )

United States of America

The Undertaker – Age, Birthday, Biography, Wife, Net Worth and More

The Undertaker Age, Real Name, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Religion, Caste, Height, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Son, Daughter, Education, School, College, House, Cars and Bike Collection, Net Worth, Biography (Wiki), Official Website and More

The Undertaker Facts

To Further the Undertaker Name, He Has Creepy Things Like a Lost Soul, Some Skulls, and a Gravedigger Tattoed Up and Down His Arms.

Calaway Has Appeared on 61 Different Pay-per-view Posters, Which, as of 2015, Is the Highest of Any Wwe Superstar

Calaway Is a Boxing Fan and Carried the Flag of the United States While Leading Team Pacquiao to the Ring During the Pacquiao Vs. Velázquez Fight in 2005.

He Was Also in Attendance at the Lennox Lewis Vs Mike Tyson Fight in 2002.

Calaway Is a Mixed Martial Arts Fan, He Has Been Practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for a Long Time, Earning a Black Belt in 2011 Under Rolles Gracie, And Has Attended Several Ultimate Fighting Championship (Ufc) Shows, Including a Show Where Calaway Verbally Confronted Then Ufc Fighter Brock Lesnar After Lesnar Lost to Cain Velasquez.

His Striking Gloves and ...'s Gate Submission (a Modified Gogoplata) Were Also Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts.

Mark Calaway, a talented basketball player in his college days, played for the Rams in the 1985-86 season. Undertaker played basketball in college
Undertaker has been active on the wrestling circuit since 1984. In the initial years of his career, he struggled around at many wrestling promotions trying to make a name.
He made his WCW debut in the year 1989 under the ring name Mean Mark.
According to some reports, Undertaker was supposed to make his WWF/WWE debut under the ring name The Eggman. For this purpose, in the early 90’s, WWE would keep a big egg on display at various events. However, the idea was dropped later, which perhaps saved Taker’s career.
Calaway then made his WWE debut under the ring name Kane The Undertaker. The first name ‘Kane’ was however dropped a few months later.
Undertaker has a phobia of Cucumbers.
‘The Dead Man’ has never officially lost a match through submission.
He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is an ardent MMA and boxing fan. Undertaker claims that if he wasn’t a pro-wrestler, he would have been a Mixed Martial Artist.
Throughout his WWE tenure, Undertaker has clashed the most with his story-line half brother ‘Kane’. In 184 matches between the two, The Undertaker has won 106 while losing only 21, the rest of the matches ending in a draw or a no result. Ironically, the duo has also been a part of one of the most memorable tag teams- The Brothers of Destruction.
The Undertaker has always been loyal to his boss Vince McMahon, a fact which is confirmed by Kurt Angle’s autobiography, ‘It’s True, It’s True!’. In the book, Kurt narrates an incident where The Undertaker almost chokes him out in a plane. The story goes like this: Vince McMahon once in pure jest jumped on Kurt Angle backstage and took him down to the floor in good fun. After the incident, Vince used to often remind Kurt that he is the only one backstage who could take Kurt Angle down. Kurt wanted to take revenge and he did so on the aisle during a plane ride all in good fun. They would continue to one-up each other with Vince trying to retaliate and during one of these playful exchanges, a noise woke up a sleeping Undertaker. Witnessing this, The Undertaker jumped on Kurt and almost choked him out before Vince intervened. Kurt further claimed that he almost blacked out for a minute.
Interestingly, despite leaving the Wrestlemania ring as a champion several times, ‘The Phenom’ never entered a Wrestlemania match as a champion.
The Undertaker holds the record for competing on more WWE television shows than any other WWE Superstar.
To date, Undertaker has acted in only a single Hollywood feature film named Suburban Commando (1991). The movie featured wrestler Hulk Hogan in the lead role. Young ‘Taker’ was signed on to play the role of Hutch, an immensely strong villain who sets out to destroy Shep Ramsey (The character portrayed by Hogan).

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